The Author

Newport resident, author, playwright, director, and Cranston native, Kenneth R. Dooley has published 38 books, including Management by Auerbach, in 1992, and the recently completed Judgment at Yokohama, based on a real life incident involving the capture and execution of Lt. Robert E. Thorpe, a Cranston native, during WWII.

His other recent play is "The Auerbach Dynasty", based on the life of Red Auerbach, which the NBA plans to produce for an opening at Cranston's Park Theater in 2011. His professional background includes nearly 30 years in publishing and its related educational film production industries.

Ken Dooley is a native of Rhode Island. He graduated from La Salle Academy, and, after serving in the United States Air Force, returned to Rhode Island and graduated from Providence College.

He wrote the play "The Murder Trial of John Gordon" which led to the pardon of an innocent man 166 years after his hanging.