Welcome to Bellevue Avenue

Photo by Phil Baskin

The Motion Picture Industry is perhaps the most exciting and potentially profitable business in the world. It is an established, significant and continually growing segment of the global economy, accounting for billions of dollars of commerce annually.

The Industry has changed dramatically over the last four decades. Traditionally, major studios controlled the industry and its main source of income: theatrical exhibition. There was little opportunity for independent filmmakers to create and distribute their work.

Now, due to a significant increase in the number of movie screens, an explosive expansion of home video, the continued growth of the cable industry, constantly expanding and diversified worldwide markets and continually improving technologies, there is an enormous need for film product. The new era has opened the door to independent filmmakers who have willingly fulfilled this increased demand for feature films.

We have entered a new era where independent filmmakers produce a greater and greater proportion of the films released by major studios. It is important to realize that the major studios are also distributors of independent films both domestically and on the international scene. There is less pressure on a studio when it purchases another's finished product. The profit potential for the producers and their investors can only increase. The budget for Bellevue Avenue has been designed to enable the screenwriter, director and the producers to maintain control and be in a better position to dictate the terms of distribution. This opens the pipeline wider and enhances the potential for recovery of investment and profitability.