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Why I left the Republican Party and am endorsing a Democrat.
Monday, August 04, 2008

I am supporting a Democrat this year for Newport’s House 75 seat, which is the same seat, I myself ran for back in 2002 as a Republican.

The reason I support Peter Martin is not because of what party he is but because of what he represents.

He is an independent thinking individual. He is a man of great character and sincerity who will not go along with the rest of the politicians at the State House if he feels and believes in his heart they are doing something wrong.

Honesty and Integrity are two things, by which Peter lives. He has a great love for the city and his tremendous civic dedication shows that. He studies all the issues before making decisions.

Peter is a statesman and not a politician. This is a good thing because a Statesman thinks about the next generation, a politician thinks about the next election.

I will support any other individuals running for office regardless of their political party who possess the same attributes that Peter Martin does. It is a clear choice for me this election cycle.

Peter Martin for District #75 State Representative.

Anthony Spiratos

This commentary was published on 8/4/2008 on
Rhode Island's Twelfth - A progressive blog for R.I.'s State Senatorial District 12
(Middletown, Adamsville, Little Compton, Newport, & Tiverton)