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Capitol TV Showings


Capitol TV Newport Based Shows

Capitol TV has sent me their current plan for their statewide broadcasting of the following Newport based shows this weekend:

  • 'Straight from the Gavel' - this show is an interview with Officer Jimmy Winters, Al Angel, and me regarding the Homeless situation in Newport and the, mostly private, resources in this area that are dedicated to handling this issue.
  • The Homeless 'You Can Make a Difference' - this is a showing of a 58 minute video that was created by Officer Jimmy Winters and Al Angel documenting the Homeless situation in Newport.
  • A Visit to Fort Adams - this is a 30 minutes special about the current and planned restoration being done by the Fort Adams Trust, of the actual fort at Fort Adams State Park.

These shows can be seen on Cox Cable's Channel 15. These schedules are subject to change for live broadcasts.