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To the Editor,
Newport Daily News
Oct. 1, 2008

I have known Peter Martin for a number of years and have been impressed with his commitment to serving the Newport and Aquidneck Island community. Peter, who is the Democratic candidate for House seat 75, has served on the both Newport Planning Board and the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission. His active involvement with these bodies has improved the future for the entire community.

Peter has an appreciation for the transportation challenges facing Newport and Aquidneck Island. He recognizes the importance having a mix of transportation modes available to move people and goods. Of particular interest to me is his involvement with the ongoing railroad operations on the Island and his vision for how the rail line can serve the community in the future.

He was instrumental several years ago in working with City and State officials in resolving an impasse in keeping the Old Colony and Newport Railway active as one of the attractions for both visitors and local citizens. The current day use of the rail line not only adds to the local economy but also helps demonstrate the future promise of rail to help solve the Islandís transportation congestion.

Everett Stuart

406 Stony Lane
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Phone: 401-295-1311

The above, unsolicited letter has been submitted for publication in the Newport Daily News.