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The following letter was published on the Knowing Newport blog following the December 2007 special election:

"The election results should come as no surprise to anyone.

Unfortunately one of the psychological side effects of overexposure is often a waning in popularity. Mr. Cicilline is an intelligent, innovative individual and although some of his viewpoints may have received some criticism: they were honest and inevitable.

Moreover, his opponent cannot be successful regarding his stance on taxes and he knows it.

This election can hardly be considered an indictment on the Democratic Party. It was simply a matter of: a good man, but bad timing.

Newport is experiencing a tremendous amount of flux and uncertainty. The Democratic Party has become complacent and stratified, viewing Newport's citizenry with a collective generalization that far from addresses their diversified concerns.

In order to take back the seat they have lost the Democratic Party will have to run a candidate who possesses an empirical understanding of the needs and concerns of the entire spectrum of the populas.

There is a Newporter to whom a great many of people representing all facets of the community have come to know and have confidnece in.

  • He has served on numerous boards and committees making him no stranger to political life, but is a "boots on the ground" individual who is just as comfortable talking to and coming to the aid of a street person as he is sitting at a ball game with a U.S. Senator.
  • He is as highly involved in improving the neighborhood in which he lives as he is in matters affecting the Island as a whole.
  • He is a man of action whether in a public forum challenging us to take positive steps to improve our community or risking his own life to save a homeless man from being stoned to death by thugs.
  • He understands the struggles of the home owner as well as the financial concerns of the city as a whole.
  • His professional resume is just as impressive.
  • His contact with, and thus his knowledge of the needs and concerns of our diverse populas are as unparelled as his voter turnout would be.
As most of you have already guessed I'm talking about Peter Martin. The one person to whom so many can identify with. Isn't it about time we sent someone like that to Providence? In the immortal words of Bobby Kennedy 'why not?'

James Sullivan (Newport)"

The above, unsolicited letter appeared in a December 2007 issue of the Newport Daily News.