Rhode Island General Assembly Redistricting

Every 10 years, following the taking of a census, the General Assembly is required by law to redraw the boundaries of the Senate and House Districts.

  • Newport previously had:
    • 50.5% in District 75,
    • 46.9% in District 73, and
    • 2.6% in District 72.
  • In the Revised Plan,
    • The population of Newport is 24,672
    • District 75 contains:
      1. 13,692 which is 55.5% of the population
      2. 12,010 100.0% which is 58.3% of the voting age population
    • District 72 has been eliminated from Newport

Click here to see the website provided by the General Assembly for the Redistricting Study: http://www.riredistricting.com

Section 22-2-2 of the General Laws in Chapter 22-2 entitled "Composition 4 of House of Representatives" is hereby amended to read as follows:

Seventy-Fifth district: The seventy-fifth representative district shall consist of all of that part of the city of Newport bounded by a line

  • beginning at the Newport - Jamestown boundary line and the Newport Bridge;
  • thence easterly on the Newport Bridge to State Highway 138 to the Conrail Railroad;
  • thence southerly on the Conrail Railroad to Van Zandt Ave;
  • thence easterly on Van Zandt Ave to Tilley Ave;
  • thence southerly on Tilley Ave to Gould St;
  • thence southerly on Gould St to Warner St;
  • thence westerly on Warner St to Pond Ave;
  • thence southerly on Pond Ave to Equality Park Pl;
  • thence southerly on Equality Park Pl to Broadway;
  • thence northerly on Broadway to Calvert St;
  • thence easterly and northerly on Calvert St to Cranston Ave;
  • thence easterly on Cranston Ave to Kay St;
  • thence northerly on Kay St to Prairie Ave;
  • thence southerly on Prairie Ave to Ellery Rd;
  • thence easterly on Ellery Rd to Eustis Ave;
  • thence southerly on Eustis Ave to Champlin St;
  • thence easterly on Champlin St to Easton Pond;
  • thence southerly and easterly around the shoreline to the Middletown - Newport boundary line;
  • thence southerly on the Middletown - Newport boundary line to the Atlantic Ocean;
  • thence westerly and southerly Newport boundary line to the Jamestown - Newport boundary line;
  • thence northerly on the Jamestown - Newport boundary line to the point of origin.
  • Click here to see the map of the new House Districts. or specifically House District 75.