Piano - A few Songs from my Clavinova

One of my lifetime goals has been to learn to play the piano. I took 6 years of Jazz piano lessons when I lived in San Francisco [1991 to 1998]. My piano teacher was my late friend, Jim Rousey. He was very patient with me. I faithfully went to my lessons on Friday evenings at 5:00 in spite of whatever pressures I was experiencing at my work. Sometimes I would have to return to work, but my lessons were important to me.

I have now learned to record my songs on my new iPhone and to transfer them to my website with some of the new web building tools that I have just purchased. I hope that you take a few minutes to enjoy some of my selections. It is my intention to learn how to make a DVD so that I can share some of these songs with my friends.

I am slowly building this collection of songs that I am playing on my Yamaha Clavinova, which I purchased when I arrived in San Francisco in 1991. My goal is to end up with my best ten songs so that I can share them with others.

I have accepted that I cannot do everything in life, but I enjoy trying to do many things. This project is based on my trying to reach my 'personal best'. My motto is as follows:

"It is a wise person who recognizes what he can and cannot do; and then, maximizes his contribution and achievement within the domain of the achievable...."

As I am able to improve each of these recordings, I will update this page. I invite you to stop back occasionally and watch my progress.

Song Name Description Click here to play Key Lyrics
Bring Him Home Organ C Lyrics
Silent Night Piano C Lyrics with video
Fields of Anthenry Piano C Lyrics
" Organ / Piano C
Ave Maria Organ C Lyrics
Try a Little Tenderness Piano C Lyrics
Amazing Grace Piano C Lyrics
" Organ C  
Auld Lang Syne Organ C Lyrics
Happy Birthday Organ C  
McCauley Eulogy - June 24, 2017 Ken Dooley C Lyrics

If you have any suggestions for other songs, please feel free to send an email to: