Relentless Pursuit
Foreword by Patrick Conley
Rhode Island Historian Laureate

Epilog by J. William Middendorf
Former Secretary of the Navy

Request for Assistance
The Ceremonies
Memorial Day
San Antonio
The Marker
Final Tribute

39th Fighter Squadron
Photo Gallery
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2nd Lt Robert Thorpe
Bob Kerr - ProJo
Request to Honor
Press release 05/09/13
Press release 05/14/13
Capitol TV Show 05/17/13
Capitol TV Show 05/17/13
Channel 12 - 05/17/13
Capt. Lew Lockhart
Thorpe Resolution
Lockhart Resolution
"Old Glory" Ceremony
39th FS Summer 2013
39th FS 2013 Reunion
39th FS 2015 Reunion
Family Gratitude
Find a Grave
American POWs of Japan
Last Flight
News Clippings
US Army Air Corps
Pacific Wrecks Photo
Pacific Wrecks History
Boston Globe 2008
WWII Missing
Family Website
Cranston Herald 5/2/13
Rotary Meeting - March 2011
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