This is a list of websites that I have found to be very helpful during my travels to England and Ireland
London Maps This website will provide maps of London areas based on your input requests.
London Hotel This is the hotel that I suggest for London. It is in the Baker Street area, a nice London neighborhood with easy access to the Underground. The hotel is run by John Togaridis and his family.
London Deals This is the site to check for last minute deals on London Shows, Flights, and Hotels.
Docklands Docklands is the area in which Michele and Peter purchased a home. Photos of their home are in the Webb site section.
East Moseley This is an airiel photo of the place that I stay in for a week in 1998 while working in England. It is across the Thames River from Hampton Court Castle.
Hampton Court This is the official website for Hampton Court Castle.
Sistine Chapel This is a three dimensional view of the Sistine Chapel.
Map of Ireland This link will bring up a map of Ireland. You can zoom in on particular sections.
Castle Hotel This is the hotel that my friend, Noel O'Sullivan, suggests in Macroom.
Macroom More information on Macroom.
Exchange Rates Link to determine currency exchange rates.
Please watch these lists for more links.