Newport This Week This weekly newspaper does a nice job keeping up with Newport issues. They also have an archives so that we can link to past articles.
Newport Daily News This daily paper keeps up with these issues. Unfortunately they do not yet have an archives for back articles.
Providence Journal Here is a link to the statewide newspaper.
Woonsocket Call This is the local paper for Woonsocket.
Boston Globe This link will keep you up-to-date on Boston issues.
USA Today Here is a quick way to catch up on National events.
San Francisco Chronical This is the Newspaper that I read when I lived in San Francisco [1991 - 1998].
Charlotte Observer I lived in Charlotte for 2 1/2 years[1998 - 2000].
Le Monde This is a French Newspaper from Paris. I include this link so that we can keep up with our basic training in French, and so that we can get our news from a different point of view.
I have also included links to the Alta Vista - Babel Fish translation services to assist in this 're-education' process.