Research Tools
This is a list of websites that I have found to be very handy in my day-to-day work. When you click on a link, the website will be opened in a separate window. Please feel free to send suggested additions to this list.
AAA This is the place to go to find the value of a used car.
Acronyms The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
AT&T AnyWho This AT&T website will provide you with the name and address of a person or business if you put in their phone number.
Bible Study This site provides a great place to conduct comparative Bible Study.
Direct Marketing Services This is where to go to remove your name from direct mailing lists.
RI Department of Health The Rhode Island Department of Health is the organization that inspects and regulates restaurants. This is a link to the inspection data base.
Double Tongued Double-Tongued Word Wrester records undocumented or under-documented words from the fringes of English. It focuses upon slang, jargon, and other niche categories which include new, foreign, hybrid, archaic, obsolete, and rare words.
Free Market RI The Free Market is a listing service for residents who want to give or get free reusable goods for the home, garage and garden. It is part of an effort to reduce the amount of reusable goods being thrown away. This is an easy to use search engine.
Highway61 This is another easy to use search engine.
Landlord Tenant Laws This is a link to Rhode Island Laws - Chapter 34-18 Residential Landlord and Tenant Act Index Of Sections.
Web Math This is a site full of math examples and algorithms.
Morse Code This site will convert English to Morse Code or Morse Code to English.
Online Dictionary
Complete Dictionary Resources
US Naval Ships This is a link to an inventory of US Naval ships. Very interesting!
Officer Down Memorial Page A website which memorializes police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice!
Political Graveyard The Internet's Most Comprehensive Source of U.S. Political Biography, or, The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried
Prescription Drugs Link to information regarding prescription drugs.
Radio Frequencies This is the Providence Fire Department's page of radio frequencies.
Resource Xchange Businesses, schools, colleges, non-profits and government agencies should utilize the materials exchange.
Street Light Repair Click on this National Grid link to report a street light outage.
White Pages Use this link to find a persons address and phone number based on a persons first and last name. Searches can be refined by adding City and State information.
Who Is This Network Solutions page will provide you with the 'registration' information about any website, i.e., who owns it, etc. Use this link to find any zip code based on City and State information.
Please watch these lists for more links.