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- Techy Stuff -
Here is a collection of interesting 'techy' tools. I hope that you find them useful.
Calculator Here is a handy calculator.
Browser This link will tell you what browser you are using.
Radio Frequencies This is the Providence Fire Department's page of radio frequencies.
Newport frequencies This site will give information on radio frequencies in Newport, RI

Safe Colors

It's important to understand how colors are seen on different browsers and different platforms. This script shows you the "safe" colors, the ones that show up the same for all browsers and platforms. It loads into a full screen.
Color Chart Here is a chart that shows the colors and their code numbers. Those numbers are what 'techies' use to build websites.
Modem Speed Test A handy website that checks your modem speed.
Modem Speed Test II Another modem speed test.
Find my iPhone Use sh@ms.com + earthlink for access to iCloud!