Class of 1959 - 45th Reunion
Rogers High School - De La Salle Academy - St. Catherine's Academy

April 23, 2004

The meeting for our 45th class reunion was held 7:00 P.M. at Forest Farm. Linda and Fran Irish co-chaired the meeting. Twelve committee members were in attendance.

The class list was discussed. It was suggested that maiden names should be on the next reunion’s class list. An attempt to locate address changes was made by committee members. The class banner has not been located. All committee members were asked to fill out questionnaires.

We have $3, 929.10 in the reunion account. Gay Cardoza made deposits to Kempenaar’s for $500 and Newport Yachting Center for $500. The required $1,000 deposit has been paid for each event. Postage fees of $92.50 and $7.40 were also paid. A total of $1,099.90 has been paid out since the first of this year. All bills are paid.

Gay Cardoza reported on the returns. A total of 64 people have paid for both events. Seven have paid an additional $22.00 for the Adirondack II sail. Eight people have signed up to play golf. The price of golf is separate from the reunion.

Mike Fitzgerald reported on a change in the time and place for the Adirondack II sail. The sail will be from 11 – 12:30 with departure from Bowen’s Wharf. Guests should plan to be on the dock 15 minutes prior to departure. Classmates will have to be notified of all changes in June. A minimum of 10 people is needed for the $22.00 group rate. The time and cost of the 9 holes of golf has not been determined.

Denny Marren contacted the DJ used at the last reunion. They have increased their price from $325 (40th) to $500 with a $100 deposit required. The committee felt that this new price seemed high. Denny agreed to contact other DJs for prices.

Several notes from classmates were read to the committee. It was reported that eight classmates have passed away in the last five years.

A count from the 40th Reunion was read. On Friday night, at the Elks, 174 attended (15 St. Catherine, 21 De La Salle and 138 Rogers). On Saturday night, at Green Valley, 183 attended (20 St. Catherine, 20 De La Salle and 143 Rogers). For this reunion, a minimum of 75 is required for Kempenaar’s. The yachting Center and Kempenaar's need a final count by July 2nd. The Yachting Center requires full payment by July 13th. Kempenaar's attendance may be increased up to seven days before but cannot be decreased. The committee wants a final count by July 1st.

Sandy Allen volunteered to check in classmates at the door and pass out name cards. Linda suggested that a class list be at the door so that new names and addresses may be added. The committee agreed that only name tags would be used for identification (with maiden names). It was suggested that Peter Martin be asked to take pictures. A reunion announcement will be placed in the local papers.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, May 21st at 7:00 P.M. at Forest Farm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Carroll