Class of 1959 - 45th Reunion
Rogers High School - De La Salle Academy - St. Catherine's Academy

June 28, 2004

The meeting for our 45th class reunion was held 7:00 P.M. at Forest Farm. Linda and Fran Irish co-chaired the meeting. Ten committee members were in attendance:

  • Mike Fitzgerald,
  • Gay Cardoza,
  • Greer Lyon,
  • Fran Irish,
  • Linda Irish,
  • Nancy Carroll,
  • Mary Clark,
  • Linda Miranda,
  • Peter Martin, and
  • Diane Hetland.

Linda Irish thanked the members of the committee for their hard work.

Gay Cardoza reported on the returns. A total of 141 people have paid. Twenty have paid an additional $22.00 for the Adirondack II sail. Eighteen have signed up for golf.

Mike Fitzgerald suggested that the change in time for the sail be announced on Friday night at the Yachting Center. The boat will be leaving from Bowen’s Wharf at 11 A.M. and will return at 12:30 P.M. People should arrive no later than 10:45. The Mary Street Lot was suggested for parking. The charge is $2.00 for the first half hour and $1.00 for each additional hour. The Parking Lot B at the Yachting Center has a daily rate. With the Tall Ships here that weekend, Parking Lot C may not be available, free of charge, Friday night. Mike will be checking on the parking.

Several classmates attending the reunion have asked for directions. A print out will be available on Friday night. Directions to the Yachting Center, Bowen’s Wharf, Jamestown Golf Course and Kempenaar’s will be included. Linda will e-mail Peter the information. Peter has completed the nametags. Peter suggested that we have him produce a Class of 59 Brochure. This will include pictures of the three schools and a list of all classmates. Peter asked for suggestions for the design for the cover page. He will get a price for the printing and contact Gay.

Mike was given the check for the Adirondack II sail. Additional checks will be needed for the yachting Center, Kempenaar’s, the DJ, the banner and the brochure & nametags. Linda Irish will have an additional $200.00 from the reunion account sent to Gay.

Mike passed out a Function Worksheet with the Rental Agreement for the Yachting Center. He will need a guaranteed attendance by July 2nd and a check by July 10th. They will start serving at 8 P.M. There will be 18 round tables with seating for eight. The table covers will be red, white and blue. A microphone will be available.

For Kempenaar’s, Jack Booth wants a final count by July 2nd. The numbers can be increased up to seven days before the event. The price for the cookout does not include chowder. Gay suggested that the 50th reunion be only one night. The committee agreed.

Mary Clark will call Colleen McGrath at Newport This Week about getting a picture taken at the Reunion. A follow up meeting will be held on Sunday, August 22nd at Linda Miranda’s home in Little Compton. This will be a BYOB with everyone sharing in the cost of the food. Gay will give an accounting of all spending

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Carroll