Class of 1959 - 45th Reunion
Rogers High School - De La Salle Academy - St. Catherine's Academy
May 21, 2004

The meeting for our 45th class reunion was held 5:30 P.M. at Forest Farm. Linda and Fran Irish co-chaired the meeting. Twelve committee members were in attendance:

  • Sandy Allen,
  • Gay Cardoza,
  • Karl & Greer Lyon,
  • Fran & Linda Irish - [603] 536 1615 ,
  • Nancy Carroll,
  • Mary Clark - [401] 849-6618 ,
  • Linda Miranda,
  • Peter Martin,
  • Gerry Paquin, and
  • Diane Hetland.

Gay Cardoza reported on the returns:

  1. A total of 132 people have paid.
  2. Twelve have paid an additional $22.00 for the Adirondack II sail.
  3. Eighteen have signed up for golf.
The cost of the nine holes of golf has not been determined.

We have $8,942.10 in the reunion account. Gay Cardoza made deposits to Michael Murphy for $100 for Bones and the Preacher. The DJ lowered his original price of $500 to $400.

A list of the classmates attending this year’s reunion was passed out. Mary Clark will copy the return addresses from envelopes to the questionnaires. Many failed to complete the forms with their home addresses. No confirmations will be mailed. Only those signed up for the Adirondack II or golf will be contacted about changes in time. The Saturday morning sail will be from 11 to 12:30 and golf will be at noon. Friday night, at the Yachting Center, is from 7 to 11 P.M. and Saturday night, at Kempenaar’s, is from 6 to 11 P.M.

Linda Irish suggested that local classmates be called and told that it’s not too late to sign up for the reunion. Money will be accepted up until July 1st. She also suggested that we update the class of 59 website at: Colleen McGrath is the master of this web site. This would include De La Salle and St Catherine’s. Since it costs $75.00 per page, it was suggested that we wait until after the reunion.

Peter Martin volunteered to update his web site: and add the Roger’s class list. Peter will design a class directory that will be printed and distributed at the reunion. One hundred and twenty five copies will be professionally printed. Peter estimated the cost at $150.00. This booklet will include a list of missing classmates. Anyone knowing the address of a missing classmate can contact any reunion committee member. Asterisks will identify those attending the 45th reunion. Peter will take some pictures at the reunion for his website. Peter will also print the nametags.

Linda Miranda will have a new banner made. Denny Marren and Mike Lalli will act as Masters of Ceremony. Sandy Allen will recite the opening prayer at both events. Linda and Fran will be in Newport on June 5th. Anyone needing to contact them can call 1-401-486-0924.

No other invitations will be mailed unless requested. Tickets can be split if you cannot attend both nights. Tickets cannot be sold for a single night. The next meeting will be on June 29th at 7 P.M. at Forest Farm. A final count and per person cost will be given at this time.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Carroll