Where was the Fifth Ward in Newport?

"The Fifth Representative District shall consist of all that part of said city bounded by:

  • a line beginning at a point at the intersection of Pope Street and Spring Street,
  • extending southerly through the center of Spring Street to Perry Street;
  • easterly through the center of Perry Street to Bellevue Avenue;
  • southerly and westerly through the center of Bellevue Avenue to the Atlantic Ocean,
  • thence along said Atlantic Ocean, Narragansett Bay, and the Newport harbor line in a general westerly, northerly and easterly direction to the intersection of the Newport harbor line with the line of Pope street;
  • easterly in the line and through the center of Pope Street to the place of beginning."

This information appears on page 98 of the 1924 Newport Rhode Island Directory which was published by the Sampson & Murdock Company, 246 Summer Street, Boston, Ma.

This is consistent with what my father told me when I was young.