BikePath / Walkway Issues - Newport, RI
Bike Path Sign One of the major problems in Newport is the isolation of the North End from the center of the city that resulted with the construction of the Newport Bridge in 1968. This issue was presented by RIDOT at a Public Meeting in Newport on April 10, 2002. The RIDOT staff is soliciting ideas to solve this and other issues. Currently there are numerous projects dealing with this area. They include following projects:
  • RIDOT - Aquidneck Island Passenger Rail / Bike Path Project
  • RIDOT - Reconstruction of Pell Bridge Approach Roads and Ramps
  • The Gateway Renewal Project

I recognize that there might be some controversy about this subject. This section of my website shows thoughts of myself and some of my neighbors on this issue. I invite others to submit ideas via the GuestBook in this website.