Nursing Class Notes
One of the functions of Stacy House Designs is the building of marketing and presentations materials. We are very experienced in Powerpoint and other related tools.

The following presentations were developed for CCRI Nursing Programs by Mary Roche, R.N., M.S.N., CS. They are presented here for the convenience of the students of CCRI and other interested parties. These presentations are copyrighted. All images in these presentations are used by the explicit permission of the author of the text book.

The table of contents on the left contains links to Web Based versions of these lectures. They load immediately and can be run from any computer. This section contains links to the Power Point versions of the lectures. These require you to have PowerPoint. They require a relatively long download. However, once you have downloaded them, you can run them on your own computer.

We are happy to have had contact from the School of Veternary at the UNM San Marcos in Lima - PERU. They are adopting one of these lectures and translating it to Spanish.

If you have any difficulties with these presentations please send an email to the Web Master via the Guestbook feature of this site.