Welcome to the Music section of the Stacy House website.

As you will see, the site has many diverse sections. Each section covers a different aspect of my life after 'retirement'! This section contains information and samples of my music experiences with both my piano performances and my harmonicas.


For more than 60 years, I had been trying to learn how to play the pianos. When I tried to join the glee club in high school,I had been told that I was tone deaf. In spite of believing that opinion, I still persisted in trying to learn.

When I picked up a harmonica in 1988 for the first time, I discovered that I had the natural ability to play along with other musicians' performances.

I have learned that I have the ability to listen to a song being performed, pick out a harmonica in a matching key, and play along with the other musicians.

To date, I have performed in over 100 venues. Since retiring, I have performed with many local bands.

Harmonica playing has been a wonderful hobby. It has also taught me that, if I was ever tone deaf, I am certainly not now.


I am currently playing the pianos at the Newport Hospital [Wednesday afternoons 2 to 4] and the Edward King Senior [Practice - Friday afternoons - 1 to 3.

I have over 90 songs in my primary repetoire. I have selected others that will be added.  Click here to see the current list.

I also have other collections of Irish Ballads, Slow Blues, and Christmas songs.


I am currently playing the my harmonicas at the Channing Memorial Parish Hall with my music group the Young Geezers on [Tuesday evenings 7 to 9]. For the past year, we have volunteered to play a monthly gig at the Rhode Island Veterans Home in Bristol. We have also played at Newport's Broadway Street Fair [2017 - 2018].

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