• Railpace Magazine published two of my photos of the Island Touring Train being delivered by barge to Melville in their July 2007 issue.
  • The Newport Dinner Train published their 2001 and 2002 brochures with three photos from my 'Kennedy Special' collection.
  • One of my earlier photos was published on the back and inside front covers of 'Reflections Poems & Songs'  by Sheila Laureta [2000 - Dando Press, San Francisco, CA].
  • The Old Colony & Newport Railway photo section of this website has been completely updated. You can now view most of the 13 mile Newport Secondary track on this site. In order to share these photos with the 'real rail buffs', I have placed the best of them on the New England Railroad Photo Archives,
  • I have just published some photos of the Newport Gulls Baseball Club. Check them out in the Photo Collections section.
  • Visit my Photo Collections section to see my recent photos of Macroom, Ireland.
  • I currently attempting to put together a collection of non-traditional photos of Newport scenery. . Check them out in the Photo Collections section.

Old Colony & Newport Railway
As one can see from the Photo Collections section, I live very close to the Newport railroad track. I spend a lot of my time doing volunteer work for the Old Colony & Newport Railway. This includes having built a 20 page brochure and a PowerPoint presentation for a trade show.