Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quinn - June 24, 2000Close this Window
On Saturday, the Twenty-Fourth of June, Frank Quinn of Philadelphia and Amy Martin of Newport, were married in Saint Augustin's Roman Catholic Church in, Newport, Rhode Island. The Mass was celebrated by Father John McNulty.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quinn

The Newport Bridge

The War College

The Martin Profile
Amy with Parents

Proud Parents

Patty and Mike Martin

Tom Kelly
and Esther Martin
The Bridal Party

Colleen Emerson
and Matt Grum

Corey Donovan
and Dave Bognar

Christine Ryan
and Mike Martin

Meghan Quinn
and Michael Sullivan

Megan Maher
and Mark Campbell

Mike and Amy Dancing
The Head Table

The Toast

The Toast

Corey Donovan

Mike Sullivan
and Megan Quinn

Mike Martin, Jr.

Gramma and Amy
The Dancing Begins

The Dancing Starts

Cindy and Billy

Gramma Dancing
The Family and Friends

Gramma and Tina

Alison, Jimmy and Natalie

Fifth Ward Girls

Alison and Mary
Debbie and Harry

Mike and Stacy

Mike Nancy Mom


Bob, Debbie and Harry

Billy and Nancy

The Sotos

The Parsons

Alison and Tina
Parting Shots

The Gavin Family

The Kelly Family

Sun Over Jamestown


The End

Congratulations Frank and Amy