1 1/2 Willow Street - First Floor - All Utilities included!

  • This is a smoke free property.
  • Sorry, no pets are allowed.
A major renovation of this apartment was completed in January 2020. including a complete upgrade of the electrical system including all lights, smoke detectors and a 'smart' thermostat.

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Stacy House is one of the original and authentic colonial homes in the Point Section of Newport. It was built in 1725 and moved to this site between 1850 and 1855.

Between 1950 and 1951, the then owners, the Little family, built a three apartment building in the back yard of the Stacy House property. I purchased the property from the Little family in May 1978.

This large four room, first floor apartment was renovated with the goal to make this a very comfortable 'executive' type apartment for one person or comfortable home for a couple.

  • The rent includes electric, heat, water, and hot water.
  • There are laundry facilities available in the building.
  • There is off-street parking for one automobile.
  • A very large patio and a semi-private yard.

The rental on a year round basis is $1,600 per month [including all utilities].

Stacy House Apartments
[view from Americas Cup Avenue]

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Excellent Location

This property is less than one mile from the Navy Station Newport's main gate, less than ten minutes from the center of Newport, and a five minute walk to the bus station.

The apartment is:
  • is on the first floor of the building,
  • is located on a very quiet side of the property,
  • includes direct access to a private patio the back yard, and
  • is surrounded by nicely landscaped gardens.

Back House
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Private Yard
There is a large private yard on the west side of the building which includes a large garden area for tenants who are so inclined. Private Yard

Entry to Private Yard
Apartment Layout
This was a formerly a "two bedroom" apartment. In order to accommodate today's life style, it was converted to a one bedroom apartment. The smaller bedroom was converted into a cable-ready office with a [6 foot wide] lighted closet.

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Garden Views
The building is set within the backyards of the Point Section of Newport. There are garden views on three sides of the apartment.

These photo are from the similar room on the second floor.
Looking West from Bedroom
Looking South from Bedroom
Looking West
Eat in Kitchen
The kitchen is the central room of the apartment. Two windows and a door provide ample natural light. There is direct access from the kitchen to the outside patio and yard.

The kitchen is furnished with a stove and refrigerator. There are ample [ground fault] electrical outlets for small appliances.
Kitchen & Bathroom
Refrigerator and stove
Doors to Living room, Bedroom and Spare room.
Table area with a window and back door.
Entrance to Bedroom and Spare room.

Eat in Kitchen
Living Room
The apartment has a separate, well-lighted living room with triple windows on the Southern wall. The room is approximately 14 by 14 feet. It includes a closet.

This photo is of the similar room on the second floor. This will be replaced with a video. Living room
The bedroom is in the South West corner of the apartment with windows on the south and west sides.

Door to Bedroom and Spare room
Office / Dressing Room
The smaller room has been converted into an office / 'dressing room'. That included the addition of a lighted 6 foot wide closet with double sliding mirror doors.
Lighted closet

This photo is of the similar room on the second floor. This will be replaced with a video.
Back House
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The bathroom has a tub with a shower. The sink, sink lights and exhaust fan were all replaced as part of the recent project.

Laundry Facility
Rental includes shared use of a washer and dryer in the basement of the building.
Off Street Parking
The rental includes one off street parking space close to the front entrance of the apartment.
The photo on the right shows part of the parking area. The building in the center of the photo is Stacy House, aka #1 Willow Street. The building on the right is the East end of 1 1/2 Willow Street.

Side Yard
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or contact him through the Real Estate agent from whom you obtained this listing.
If you are reading a printed listing and want to see these photos expanded, go to www.stacyhouse.com / Rentals and click on them.