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The following letter was published in the NDN on October 29, 2008.

Martin Works to Make His Community a Better Place

Over the course of the last few years I’ve read quite a number of articles that included references to Peter Martin (now a candidate for District 75). He undoubtedly warrants considerable press due to all the boards, committees and commissions on which he has served.

“What” Martin does is in his public life is well documented and while one must concede that his public life has been impressive, a letter to the Editor by Ed Walsh (Newport Daily News July 25, 2008) is of far greater credence when considering Martin as a candidate for the House of Representatives because it sheds light on “who” he is when no one is looking. The letter speaks of Martin’s honesty and integrity outside of the public arena. Who and what Peter Martin is both privately and publicly are coming more to light as election time draws near, but “why” a man well into his sixties would dedicate so much of his time to public service without monetary compensation is far more interesting.

Martin was coming of age at a time when America was redefining itself and changing dramatically both technologically and socially. From Alan Shepard’s daring ride aboard Freedom 7 to the words and actions of Martin’s friends and heroes like John F. Kennedy, and others, America’s social climate became one in which nothing was thought to be impossible. More importantly was that anyone could make a difference at the grassroots level.

The now infamous “ask not” adage inspired Martin to pursue and education and put it to use in the field of social work. He later moved into the technological field introducing computer systems to replace antiquated methodologies never leaving behind his innate obligation to serve the community in which he lives.

Retired now Martin continues to serve on boards and community groups and inspires the generation behind him that ideology can be made reality if you’re willing to give of yourself without thought of compensation other than to leave the world a better place than you found it. This he continues to do long after the voices that once inspired him have fallen silent; Most of them tragically.

As their names and bold ideals get tucked away into the pages of history I feel it a great honor to have experienced the echo they have left behind - and that echo is Peter Martin.

James Sullivan, Harrisville, RI