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Homeless in Newport


Homeless in Newport

As you might know, Officer Jimmy Winters has spent a great part of his life working with the homeless and otherwise under priviledged people in this community. He started as a Vista Volunteer, worked many years as a NPD dispatcher, and twenty years ago became a sworn member of the Newport Police Department.

Officer Winters and his friend, Al Angel, recently created a documentary, 'You Can Make a Difference', about the homeless in Newport. This 58 minute documentary was shown at a meeting of the Newport Film Commission. I had the privilege to attend that meeting and to see the first showing.

When the film was done, I asked permission to submit a copy to the State of Rhode Island Capitol Television department for consideration for State wide showing on their facility on Cox Channel 15.

Not only were they very happy to receive this film but they called upon Officer Winters, Al Angel, and me to come to the State House for a 'Straight from the GAVEL' interview.

We made that trip and were interviewed by Capitol Television's Dave Barber. The result was a 30 minute Program about the Homeless situation in Newport, the filming of their documentary, and the social service / church programs that are in operation in Newport to address this problem.