Why I Ran in 2008!
I 'retired' to my home town of Newport in 2000. I have become progressively more interested in local civic issues. [It is amazing how we can get involved when we do not have to work in a formal job].

Basically, I appreciate what I have been able to accomplish in life and I believe that it is 'pay back time'.

In 2003, I was appointed to the City of Newport Planning Board, elected as its Secretary, and appointed to the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission.

In December 2004, I was elected to be the AIPC Chairman. During my chairmanship, I served on the West Side Task Force, the group that has been developing planning for the soon to be released Navy lands. .

My activities have included volunteer work on the Old Colony & Newport Railway, adoption of Americas Cup under the RIDOT Adopt-a-Highway program, coordination of cleanup efforts with the City Year program, attendance at local planning meetings, and creation of websites for non-profit organizations.

Through these activities, I have met and worked with officials from Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth including other planning board members and their professional planners. I have also worked hand-to-hand with officials from the United States Navy, RI Department of Transportation [RIDOT], RI Department of Environmental Management [RIDEM], the Coastal Resources Management Council [CRMC], RI Statewide Planning and the URI Coastal Resources Center - Sea Grant Program. [CRC]

I am an otherwise 'retired' professional. I enjoy what I have been able to accomplish. I am available on a full-time basis to serve as your representative.