There are many mentions about the locations in and around New Guinea in the book. We were fortunate to receive many WWII era maps of those locations. Eighteen of those maps are shown in the matrix below. Each map will expand if you click on the cell. This helps put together an understanding of the area in which the 39th FS had to do battle. In order to understand exactly where the areas of combat were and how these maps fit together, we have also added links at the bottom of this page to more modern maps of the area.
WWII Era Maps

Map-Gusap to Kairiru Island

Kairiru Island and Wewak

Northern Queensland, AUS

Darwin, Australia

Java, Flores Islands, Australia

Timor, Australia

Eastern New Guinea & New Britain

Lae, Nadzab, Gusap, New Guinea

Islands of Eastern New Guinea

Port Moresby Area

Port Moresby-Lae-Milne Bay

Borneo, NEI

Black Sunday, April 16, 1944

Celebes, Halmahera, & Ceram Islands


Okinawa, Japan

Western New Guinea

Noemfoor, Owi of Dutch New Guinea

All maps were provided by Colonel Jack Frost (USA Ret)

Links to Modern Day Maps
Maps of World: Where is Papua New Guinea?

Map of Indonesia

Map by Art of Anderson: Papua New Guinea