Bike Path Opportunities
Enhanced Access to North End The combined bike path / pedestrian walkway would provide a much needed access way to and from the North End of the City.  
Pedestrian and Biker Safety The proposed pathway would be considerable safer than the Farewell Street alternative for both bikers and pedestrians.  
Enhanced East Track All maintenance efforts and funding could be focused on the resulting single track. This could include upgrading the track [new ties and ballast] and providing proper storm water drainage.  
Elimination of Eyesore The walkway would provide access to the trackway for easier cleaning and maintenance.  
Ease of Maintenance Having a walkway would make it much easier to maintain both the railroad and the bike path.  
Acceptance of Responsibility The State of Rhode Island would be directly responsible for the maintenance of the combined bike path / pedestrian walkway.  
Lighting The area could be properly lighted as part of this construction effort.  
Emergency Access The walkway would provide access for police and fire equipment to a currently closed area.  
Storm Drain / Sewer The current problem of storm water infiltrating the main sewer line that runs under the west track could be addressed without having to pay for rebuilding the west track.  
  Please accept this as an open forum. If you have any additional ideas, please email them to me. I will add them to this list.