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Stacy House is one of the authentic colonial homes in the Point Section of Newport. It was built in 1725 and moved to this site between 1850 and 1855.

In 1982, the building underwent extensive renovations. One of the results of the renovation was the creation of an efficient one bedroom, third floor apartment. This apartment was occupied for many years by the property owner. It has recently been competely repainted.

This furnished apartment makes a very comfortable home for one person or a couple. It is currently available for either monthly or year-round rental.

This well insulated apartment has its own independent heat source and its own hot water heater.

This apartment is ideal for an executive type person, military officer, or retired individual. The rental on a year round basis is $850 per month. Rates for shorter periods are available.

This is no-smoking apartment.
Excellent Location

This property is less than one mile from the Navy Station Newport's main gate, less than ten minutes from the center of Newport, and a five minute walk to the bus station.

The apartment is

  • on a very quiet side of the property,
  • on the third floor of the front building.

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Stacy House
Living Room
The apartment has a central room which contains the living, dining, and kitchen areas.

Living Room + Bedroom The bedroom is on the South end.
Living Room + Bath Room The bathroom is on the North end.
Living Room + Dining area The bathroom is on the North end.
Kitchen Facilities
The kitchen area is conveniently at the entryway and in center room of the apartment. Two skylights provide ample fresh air and natural light.

There are ample [ground fault] electrical outlets for small appliances.

Kitchen Area - 089 The apartment contains a complete kitchen area including a 24 inch stove and a full-sized refrigerator.
Kitchen Closet- 131 The kitchen has a large, lighted 'reach-in' storage closet and utility area.
The bedroom is in the south end of the apartment with a window on the South facing side.

Bedroom Closet - 128 There are two matching closets in the bedroom with heavy duty clothes bars.
Storage Spaces - 127 There are also lighted storage spaces under each side of the room.

Bedroom - 091
When the bathroom was updated as part of a restoration project, a West facing sliding door was installed. This provides natural lighting for the bathroom and ample fresh air to the apartment.

Doorway to the Deck - 092 The private roof top deck is accessed by the sliding door from the bathroom.
Open Stairway
The apartment is accessed via its own private hallway including this open stairway from the second floor.
On the right is an access door which opens to more lighted storage space.
Open Stairway
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