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Peter Martin
1 1/2 Willow Street
Newport, RI

Business Development Services

My world of business has included many years of experience in small business development. Since 1988, I have been directly involved in business development and marketing of services for small businesses. I have had an opportunity to use my combined MBA education, technical background, and marketing experience in setting and directing organizations toward meaningful goals.

Marketing and Training

My experience includes the design and actual development of marketing and training materials. These experiences include the writing and development many documents and training programs including a series of ten lectures for the Community College of Rhode Island School of Nursing. Many of these documents can be seen via 'hyperlinks' in the Web Based Resume section on this website.


I started shooting photos during my membership on a company sponsored, SCCA Formula Vee, racing team. I am a well 'published' photographer. My photos have been selected for publication in the Boston Globe Travel Section, company brochures, and some trade magazines. I am available to do photo shoots in association with my website developments.

Web Site Development

I have built and maintained over a dozen websites. Because I am first a business man, and then a computer technician, I request my clients to work with me to develop a 'business case' for their website prior to the design and building phases.

As a businessman, I have many years of marketing and customer service experience.

As a technician, I understand the computer languages behind these websites. [I usually built web sites in HTML] I have incorporated some Java scripts which are little programs that give 'life' to websites. To see the code that I write and understand click [View] - [source] on your menu.

Office Applications Use and Training

I have over 25 years of experience with PC based applications. My specialties are:

  • teaching people who have learning anxiety regarding technical subjects,
  • organizing and presenting information,
  • building marketing and technical presentations, and
  • setting up computer systems.

My specific experience includes: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, PhotoShop, Lotus 123, WordPerfect

Telephone: (401) 847-0651 home - (401) 965-6137 cell phone