Software Tool Developments
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Internet Business - Competitive Database

  • was responsible for competitive analysis in a newly emerging internet organization.

    This responsibility resulted in extensive web research;the designing a competitive analysis database; the building the database [in MicroSoft Access with a little help from a technician ]; and populating the database with competitive company, product, and product feature information.

    Highlights of this design can be seen in the presentation: Internet Marketing

Mainframe - Application Inventory Product

  • was responsible for reviewing the Application Inventory process internet organization.

    This responsibility included line counting and missing module reporting. This led to the development [in IBM assembler language] of an MVS based, inventory processing system.

    These tools, which are MVS based, provide a comprehensive inventory process which is used for identifying and packaging mainframe application software components for audit, remediation, and conversion.

    Highlights of this design can be seen in the presentation: Application Analysis

PC Based - Application Inventory

  • Application Inventory - Built OS/2 based software tools [in Basic language] that analyzed application module, determine their language type, and sorted the module into language specific directories.

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