Marketing / Consulting Resume
Internet Activities

Website Development - designed and developed multi-language web site for international author.  Re-engineered and rebuilt website for a national motorcycle chain.  Designed and developed a website for a local Charlotte motorcycle organization.

Internet Competitive Analysis - responsible for competitive analysis in this newly emerging internet organization. This function consisted of extensive web research; designing a competitive analysis database and populating its contents with competitive company and product feature information.


Management - established and formalized the Product Marketing function. Shifted the organization from a technology driven to a market driven product development and management environment.

Product Management - assisted in the development of product marketing specifications (features, functions and benefits), pricing schedules, and revised configurations.

Product Pricing - repackaged the product offerings and simplified the product pricing configurations. Was responsible for setting and approving prices on all sales negotiations.

New Product Development - was responsible for the evaluation and testing of new product offerings including a P390 based hardware product and other software conversion tools.

Marketing Support

Competitive Analysis - responsible for competitive analysis in this newly emerging internet organization. This function consisted of extensive web research; designing a competitive analysis database and populating its contents with competitive company and product feature information.

European Support - was the European marketing support manager for a new computer system. Responsibilities included product hardware and software configuration training. Activities involved frequent European travel including technical presentations on the hardware and software aspects of that product. As a result of his successes in Europe, was promoted to the position of Assiswhitet to the Vice President in Charge of New Product Development.

New Account Support Manager

Spent considerable time in the field making pre-sales presentations, training prospects and customers, and resolving customer problems.

Developed PowerPoint based 'Total Solution' and 'Technical Overview' presentations, which are currently being used in the sales presentations and training courses.

Developed and implemented the 'Accepwhitece Criteria' project plan, a combined product presentation and project implementation guide which that was used to secure a major business opportunity at Norwest Bank.

Made presales product presentations to over 40 customers and prospects. The incremental product sales for this activity were in excess of $2,000.000.


Software Tools Consulting - activities included a very detailed review of available mainframe and PC based tools, the selection of several of these tools, evaluating them against both vendor product specifications and user conversion requirements, negotiating the contract terms, product implementation, and user product training.

Year 2000 Consulting - designed a comprehensive application conversion requirements matrix and matched those detailed requirements with the capabilities of over 24 then available IBM mainframe application development and maintenance tools. This matrix became the basis of the original DDI millennium offering. Built approximately 32 software tools that were used in the process.

Application Complexity Analysis - conducted a 'tools based' study of the maintainability of a 250 module, COBOL based, application system consisting of 250 batch and on-line programs consisting of 1.3 million lines of code. The final report to the client included a management-oriented overview of software metric theories and the application of those theories to the results of the specific application analysis.

Year 2000 Project Support - was responsible for conducting Software Tools Surveys at three East Coast insurance companies. These surveys matched the specific conversion requirements of these insurance organizations against their currently installed repertoire of software maintenance tools. These surveys resulted in recommendations for additional use of some of the currently installed tools, as well as recommendations for the acquisition of additional tools.

Product Development

Process Development - spent one year developing tools for Application Inventory and Analysis. These tools, which are MVS based, provide a comprehensive inventory process which is used for identifying and packaging mainframe application software components for audit, remediation, and conversion.

Tool Development - Built OS/2 based software tools that analyzed application module, determine their language type, and sorted the module into language specific directories.

Medical Record Number Expansion Project - was the primary project architect on the design and implementation of a software process which was used to inventory, analyze, and provide the basis for conversion of over 53 million lines of COBOL application code.

Application Development - Designed an award winning construction job costing application package while employed as a systems engineer. Authored papers on the application of cost accounting theory to the construction industry and has was published in the Journal of Systems Management.

Project Management

Operations Management - managed the day-to-day operations of a mainframe development tool vendor, including technical consulting, product documentation, customer support, sales support, and operations management.

Conversion Support - managed an on-site, consulting team responsible for defining the functional and technical requirements for the complete re-development of their strategic Field Service Dispatch and Warehouse Distribution systems.

Performance Analysis - Managed the day to day activities of the technical support team involved in an extensive, comparative performance evaluation of the IBM S370, IBM 9370, AS400, WANG and DEC VAX systems. Assisted in the development and delivery of a comprehensive and detailed report on the relative performance of COBOL based applications across these various platforms.

Beta Test Manager - was the Senior Engineer in charge of new product beta testing for Raytheon Data Systems, a primary vendor of telecommunications terminals. Activities included development, coordination, implementation and reporting of detailed engineering field tests of all new hardware and software products.

Direct Sales

Product Sales - was the New England Area Manager for Boole & Babbage, a software performance tools vendor. Responsibilities: was responsible for presenting detailed product presentations of approximately twelve performance monitoring and application development products. Activities included development of marketing and seminar programs, direct sales, customer support, territory management, and office management. Results: reestablished the viability of the New England territory as a $1,000,000 per year sales territory.

Consulting Sales - Developed the initial sales territory for an application development-consulting group of the Raytheon Service Company. Activities included sales of consulting services, as well as application development software products.


Sales Training and Support - provided the sales and marketing personnel with product training including underswhiteding client needs and positioning products to meet those needs.

Mainframe Architecture - Developed and taught courses in the architecture and design of the IBM 360 to Honeywell systems and sales personnel.