Web Site Developments
by Peter Martin
Using skills developed in other marketing experiences, I have designed, developed and maintain the following web sites for some Charlotte, NC and Newport, RI based organizations. As an experienced 'assembler level' programmer, I choose to write most of the websites in HTML code. This produces a much faster loading and easier to maintain site.
Stacy House Designs This site, www.stacyhouse.com, was originally developed to allow me to share my collection of photographs with my friends. Its use has been expanded as my activities in local website development, railroading, photography, government activities, and volunteer efforts have increased.
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Newport, RI
I originally built this website for the Newport, RI Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in December of 2002. I have been updating in on a monthly basis since then. It features a 'members only' section which includes the monthly newletter archives. www.aohnewport.org.
Ancient Order of Hibernians
RI State Board
After 5 years of working on the AOH Newport website, I volunteered to rebuild the website for the Ancient Order of Hibernians State Board. www.aohrhodeisland.org. The site went 'live' in June 2008.
Museum of Newport
Irish History
In 2012, I took over the maintenance of this website: www.newportirishhistory.org
Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial I took over the maintenance of this website for my friends on the committee. www.rifaminememorial.com
The following web sites were designed and developed by me. For various business reasons, they are no longer running in their own domains. I have included their content of some of them in my website for demonstration purposes.
Relentless Pursuit Relentless Pursuit
Bellevue Avenue
  The Movie  
This site was developed to support the production of the "Bellevue Avenue" movie. It does not currently run in its own domain. Therefore, it is included in this section of StacyHouse.com.
Billy Goode's
Newport, RI
I have just completed this website for Newport most popular Restaurant / music venues. www.billygoodes.com
Beyond Newport Doors
Muriel of Newport
This website was built to promote "Behind Newport Doors", an utterly charming new cookbook on the Rhode Island scene, written and published by Muriel Barclay de Tolly. The book has recipes and stories from 47 different restaurants, cafes and bed and breakfasts in Newport. Each is illustrated by Muriel in simply rendered watercolors. The site contain samples of these watercolors and an interesting "tour" of Newport.
Horse Play Therapy In August 2000, we were requested to design and build a web site for the Horse Play Therapeutic Riding Center in Exeter, RI. This organization provided equine based therapy for individuals with a disability. The web site was developed and placed in service on September 2000. Since that time, the organization has moved to another farm and a new site is being developed. Meanwhile, I have moved the photos to the Photo Collection. Enjoy the collection by clicking on this link: Horse Play Memories
Holistic Counselor This site was developed for a holistic counselor.
NFD Code Red The retired fire fighters from the Newport Fire Department have had a newsletter for many years. This website was built to provide an online source for those and future newsletters.
Joseph Matose
Middletown, RI
This site has been set up to display and sell the works of a noted local artist, Joseph Matose of Middletown, RI. www.josephmatose.org. Joseph sells drawings and cards. He also teaches many art classes in the local area.
Gardner Cottage
Newport, RI
Gardner Cottage is a mixed use facility. It contains bed and breakfast rooms, monthly rentals, and is available as a complete home on a short term rental basis. It has been developed by John Pinto, a long time real estate developer.
HorsePlay Therapeutic
Riding Center
This organization provides equine based therapy for individuals with a disability. The site was developed and placed in service on September 2000. Since that time, the organization has moved to another farm and a new site is being developed. The photos from this site can be seen on the Photo Collections section of my website.
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