Stacy House is actually the name of the 'front' building, i.e., #1 Willow Street.

  • Building known as "Stacy House" was named after a family of William T. Stacy who purchased the house in 1856 and sold it after 1921.
  • The main section of the building was built in 1725
  • It was moved to 1 Fourth Street, the current location, between 1850 and 1856.
  • It is located in the Point Section of Newport, RI.
  • The original address is not known.
  • Fourth Street was taken over by the Old Colony & Newport Railroad in 1863.
  • A significant two story addition was added to the original building later.
  • The Newport City Directories indicate that many of the Stacy family members worked on the railroad.

"The property was purchased by Huck and Ron Little's father. This was their homestead. Mr. Little built the back house in 1950 as a cottage. He added two apartments on the West side in 1951."

We bought the property from Huck Little in 1978 and have operated it as investment property since then.

In 2000, I retired to the property. In 2020, I sold it to a local business man who wants to continue using it as income property.

I have retired from the property after owning it for 42 years. I am off to continue doing 'creative projects'.