History of Stacy House
The Point Section of Newport, RI

This map shows the railroad track as it existed in 1878. Note also that there is a body of water where Cardines Field is located today.

Click here to see an 1850 map of Newport showing Fourth Street running between Elm and Walnut Streets. Fourth Street was taken over around 1863 and used for the railroad track.

Click here to see the start of Newport's 5th Ward 10 years later.

1878 Map.

Dowling and Scully

"1 Willow Street, known as the Stacy house, is an eighteenth-century, two-story, gable-roofed house set end to the street and remodeled. George Harrington moved the house to this site between 1850 and 1855. He sold it to William Stacy in 1856, and it was still in the Stacy family in 1921. Its early history is not known."

  • The Architectural Heritage of Newport Rhode Island 1640 - 1915
    - Dowling and Scully, 2nd Edition, Brahall House.

Stacy House.

Mr. Little and Family

"The property was purchased by Huck and Ron Little's father. This was their homestead. Mr. Little built the back house in 1950 as a cottage. He added two apartments on the West side in 1951."

We bought the property from Huck Little in 1978 and have operated it as investment property since then.

In 2000, I retired to the property.

The Back House.

Stacy House Location

Stacy House is located at the North end of Americas Cup Avenue, in Newport.

The original address was 1 Fourth Street until the railway took over Fourth Street. Then the house became 1 Willow Street.

The railroad tracks run along the front of the house.

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Stacy House Apartments

Stacy House is actually the name of the 'front' building, i.e., #1 Willow Street.

The "Stacy House Apartments" business consists of 6 rental units, three in each building.

Click on the links to the right to see layouts of four of the apartments.

1 Willow Street: Details 1 1/2 Willow Street

City of Newport Maps

Plat 12 Map - The buildings are located on lots 106 and 214.

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Aerial Views of Newport

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