Tools Based Consulting Projects
Software Tools Consulting - activities included a very detailed review of available mainframe and PC based tools, the selection of several of these tools, evaluating them against both vendor product specifications and user conversion requirements, negotiating the contract terms, product implementation, and user product training.

  • Medical Record Number Expansion Project - was the primary project architect on the design and implementation of a software process which was used to inventory, analyze, and provide the basis for conversion of over 53 million lines of COBOL application code.
  • Year 2000 Consulting - designed a comprehensive application conversion requirements matrix and matched those detailed requirements with the capabilities of over 24 then available IBM mainframe application development and maintenance tools. This matrix became the basis of the original DDI millennium offering. Built approximately 32 software tools that were used in the process.
  • Application Complexity Analysis - conducted a ‘tools based’ study of the maintainability of a 250 module, COBOL based, application system consisting of 250 batch and on-line programs consisting of 1.3 million lines of code. The final report to the client included a management-oriented overview of software metric theories and the application of those theories to the results of the specific application analysis.
  • Year 2000 Project Support - was responsible for conducting Software Tools Surveys at three East Coast insurance companies. These surveys matched the specific conversion requirements of these insurance organizations against their currently installed repertoire of software maintenance tools. These surveys resulted in recommendations for additional use of some of the currently installed tools, as well as recommendations for the acquisition of additional tools.
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