Peter Martin
1 Willow Street
Newport, RI 02840

Software Development: Twenty plus years in the data processing industry including achievements in the areas of  Website Design and Development, Software Tool Development,  Tools Based Consulting,  Product Marketing,  Technical Training,  Application Design and Development,  and Direct Sales.
Software Tools Development After having built many application conversion tools for other vendors.was one of the early developers of Year 2000 solutions for the MVS world. Built tools which were used for analyzing existing mainframe applications.
Tools Based Consulting Worked on many projects which were based on the implementation and use of own and other vendor developed software tools.
Product Marketing Many years of experience in software and hardware product support was the basis for a position as a Product Marketing Manager for mainframe tool development organization.
Product Training After having gained experience as a trainer for Honeywell; Inforex; Raytheon; Teleprocessing, Inc.; and Data Dimensions, developed language training courses for ADPAC Corporation, an IBM mainframe software vendor. Also taught these classes throughout the United States and Canada.
Design and Development Served as a member of the Codasyl Committee on Command Language Development for 6 years. Application development includes design and building of business applications. Including award winning Construction Job Costing product.