I was fortunate to spend most of my career in the computer software business. My experience included being a member of committee that built a nationally recognized command language for the CODASYL Committee.

During the last ten years, I spend my time building, supporting, and marketing software tools that processed and analyzed other people's application developments. These analytical tools, which ran on both mainframe and PC hardware were written in both Basic and Assembler languages.

Since my 2001 semi-retirement, I have used my programming background to build 'a few good' websites'. The actual count is now sixteen. These have been built using HTML and Java scripts. Click on the link to see the list of these sites.

More information about my career can be found on the Web Resume section of this web site.

Since 2003, I have designed, built, and maintained the 'Ancient Order of Hibernians' website.

When author Ken Dooley wanted to promote his movie script for a story about life on Bellevue Avenue during the Gilded Ages, I built the Bellevue Avenue website for him.

In 2013, I took on the maintenance of the website for the Museum of Newport Irish History and completely rebuilt The RI Irish Famine Memorial website.

When the City of Newport 375th Anniversary Committee offered to hire me to build their website, I donated my services for that purpose. Although the actual site was shut down at the end of the anniversary year, a version of the site has been saved at the following "pseudo link": www.Newport375.com

When some friends decided to open the Narragansett Theatre at the Pier as a live performance venue, I built the supporting documents for the first performances.

Please let me know if you are interested in having my services to assist you with your web site developments.

Peter Martin